Saturday, September 09, 2006

Impulse Response Of a System..

I have this baaaad habit of using ".." as a punctuation mark ever since i started chatting on the messenger. In my mind it feels guilty.. but my fingers dont seem to have control once i start typing.. I should think of it this way.. maybe .. i said maybe.. my mind sends a thought impulse to my fingers. Now.. frommm .. what subject in engineering was that .. i guess signals and systems. OK.. whichever subject it was.. the important thing learnt was the impulse response of a system...

What happened??? OH OK OK.. dont panic.. This is not rocket science. If u haven't heard about it yet.. wiki says that "In 'simple' terms, the impulse response of a system is its output when presented with a very brief signal, an impulse. While an impulse is a difficult concept to imagine, and an impossible thing in reality, it represents the limit case of a pulse made infinitely short in time while maintaining its area or integral (thus giving an infinitely high peak)."

Lost??? .. now if that was simple, then how complex can it get (we used to call it an over head transmission in college). Anyway .. nothing to worry about.. i was lost too when i first heard about it.. so you are still normal ( that is .. if i am considered a sane normal person .. then probably you are too :-) )

Ok i'll explain it in my words.. and i hope all the techies will forgive me for my Neanderthalian explanation..
Now if u refer the figure below (finallllly i get to write it like the techie books .. :-) .. ) :

1. An impluse is a sort of a spike .. (looks similar to one spike of your hair when u get your hair all gelled up to get that cool spiked look), or like one Mount Everest ( is it still the highest peak in india ?? )
2. Now for the response part of it.. have u seen what happens when u drop a ball? it bounces.. right?? The impulse is the first drop and the bounces are the responses to the impulse .. :-) ..
Hope this helped..
And .. any normal system should respond to an impluse in a similar way.

Now coming back to the main topic of discussion .. the ".." that is used soo very often.. After all my thoughts are typed out (the first big spike/ slope .. whatever you want to think of it as), my fingers have no option but to bounce on the "." key at the end of the impulse.
And the number of dots is directly proportional to the intensity of the impluse..... Cool analysis na :-).....

So.. the inference from the above analysis is that.. I am a normal system with a nooormal impulse response. For those of you who dont use the "..." often .. dont worry.. You must be having a terrific feedback system to cut out on the extra "..."

Note 1: ".." is no more a punctuation .. it is simply the impulse response of my system .. :-))

Note 2: I just hope that my lecturers don't get to this blog.

Note 3: You would not be able to see my impulse response in the previous posts due to multiple iterations of grammer and punctuation checks. So dont bother cross checking my previous posts.. :-))


Blogger Sketcher said...

wowwwwww.... looookssss likeee myyy imppuuullssseee reespoonse isss toooo bigggg coonsiderrrringgg i ammmm makinggg thheee leaast efforrrttt toooo stooppp mmyy finnggeersss froommmm bouunnncinnng oonnnnnn thhhee ssammmee keeyy oveer andd overr againnn............... (damnnnn it ain't stoppingggggggggggg.....) :)

11:15 PM  
Blogger Contemplation said...

It is a response to a particular frequency called "keyboard"... So, it is just a portion of the impulse response... with the impulse having one of those frequencies...! Hope no Engg. student is reading this ...

8:58 AM  
Blogger Me&TheUniverse said...

good news.. most of the people who end up at this blog would have been engg students at some point of time ..

9:50 AM  
Blogger natasha said...

Good going Mich….reminded me of SnS class..i’ve always wanted to incorporate more technical stuff ( or atleast remembrances of technical stuff) in my writing, after reading your entry I’ve realized I haven’t totally forgotten stuff from college especially all the overhead transmissions!!!…. How many ….’s have I used ?? :)

8:24 PM  
Blogger Me&TheUniverse said...

:-))))) .. got smitten by the ".." bug huh ..

7:35 AM  
Blogger Natasha said...

yea.... :D

2:44 PM  

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