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When Darkness Comes ..

Don't Worry .. this is not even remotely connected to the stupid horror story. I haven't read it and have no plans of reading it anyway.. so nothing that I can tell you about it.

This is all about my dreams, my nightmares to be more specific.

I don't know why, but most of my nightmares seem to have lions or tigers in them. I've never dreamt of any other animal. Atleast I don't remember any other animal walking around in my dreams. Strange .. but true. Now don't think that I was Jane of the Jungle in my previous birth and I miss the jungle badly. Please throw that idea miles away.

Now here are the actual dreams, actually the excerpts of them. Ok ok the truth is, this is all I can remember of them. However I'm the only soul who seems to categorise them as nightmares. Most of my friends laugh out loud when they hear my "nightmares".

The first one was when I was quite small, maybe primary school. I dreamt that some lions had run out of a zoo and came into our neighbourhood. They were roaming around and everybody had locked themselves inside their houses terrified. After some time we
heard a "ting tong". Guess what was going on? A lion was ringing our doorbell. Now all the lions and tigers looked real but strangely this one had a cartoon kind of look to it. It was ringing the bell with its paw, it looked more like human hands that had distinct finger joints and long black manicured nails with fur instead of skin.. some cross breed lion I guess. Overall it looked suave though ;-)) . I'll try to draw that scene sometime and put it up here. Now don't ask me how I saw the lion that was outside the door when I was supposed to be petrified inside the house. I just did. After all everything is possible in a dream and in a hindi movie. After this memory gives up, I can't remember anything after that, just a vivid picture of the lion ringing my doorbell. Thats all :-( .

There were one or two more in between which I don't remember well :-(.

Over the past few months the pride has been visiting me again. Among these the first one went like this. As usual, lions are out of the zoo into my locality and roaming around, but this time i'm in my new house, so that being on the first floor we thought we had the priveledge of standing on the gallery (a little scared) looking at them while the others neighbours are shivering in their houses. Don't know how I got that bright idea that lions or tigers cannot see people in the top floor. So with our door wide open we are busy looking at them without noticing that one tiger cub climbed up and passed by behind me to enter my house. After listening to the commotion inside I went in to see this tiger cub walking around feeling lost in the drawing room. I got irratated and pitied the small creature at the same time and held it with both hands like it was some small kitten and threw it outside the house and locked the door. The memory of this dream fades from here.

Now this one is a few weeks old, itseems i'm going to a circus with some old lady who is supposed to be my relative. Now the confusion here is, in real life I have never seen her. And in my dreams I sort of know that she had died sometime back, but she is still there with me and i'm not afraid of her. She didnt look like a spirit either. She was there with me, very much in and blood. Weird. Anyway, so now, i'm going with her to this circus. Even though I felt I was going to a circus, there was no tent or anything that could be related to a circus. In fact it was like a plain patch of a forest devoid of trees. Suddenly I see a lot of lionesses walking towards us and passing me by and walking towards a gate that seems to be somewhere far behind us, but which cannot be seen by us. Hundreds of them where there. None of them seem to notice us but we're still scared. Both of us don't know what to do. Luckily, we see a cage (like the ones in which lions are kept in the circus) which was luckily not locked, in front of us. So both of us quickly enter that and latch ourselves in. The funniest part is that in the midst all this I told the old granny "Atleast you are already dead, but what about me???????".

The last one was about three days ago. I'm with my family and we're tourists in a place. This place only seems to have a lot of shops, and looks like clothes shops and somehow I have the feeling that it is a hillstation. All that people do in that place is shop everyday. It seemed like shopping was the main attraction of that place.. :-)) . Weird again, but remember ... dreams and ____ . My family is out shopping one day, when we see lion cubs and tigers coming from somewhere. Everybody is running around to enter some shop. Luckily we were already in some shop which had a normal house kind of door ( not the broad glass ones like the shops). It was a white door. For some odd reason we hadn't closed the door and a tiger walked in telling the other lions and tiger outside "Come here, there are more people inside". The sight of the tiger talking didn't seem to surprise us. It sort of seemed normal and it didn't have a fierce voice, it sounded like any human voice. After the tiger just finished saying that and before it could continue its step towards us, I went ahead and pushed it out with all my strength. Because of the smooth floor it couldn't resist the push and it was out in seconds and I closed and latched the door. Phew, tough, but do u notice, i'm getting braver with each dream ;-) . From the window the tiger tells us, "Its ok, today u are free. But I will come back on tuesday". ( Tuuuesdayyy??????????? when did tigers start to learn about the days of the week? And whats with the tuesday? I can't remember anything that occurs on tuesday in office either, no deadline, nothing. Can't understand this tuesday funda.) Anyway, back to the dream. So till tuesday, all of us are shopping happily. On tuesday too we are shopping, but keeping a watch for the tigers too. This time my dad and brother are in some other shop and my mother, sister and me are in another shop. This shop had a wide glass door so we could see what was happening outside. After some time, we see two lion cubs and instinctively my mom, my sister and me cramp up in the small trial room of the shop and latch ourselves in. Immediately after this I called up my dad to find out that both of them were in another trial room too :-))). This was the end of the dream.

I don't know why I have dreamt about these animals, not that I am afraid of them. I just get scared during in the dream with a slight hangover of the fear that lasts till the morning. If anyone has the gifted power of interpreting dreams, please elighten me. And for the others leave your comments anyway.

To tell you the truth, now, even I find them funny and weird.


Blogger Contemplation said...

Hmmmm... what do i understand...
Hmmmm.... Jane part is one possibility...!
You were Jim Corbetts close friend who accompanied him in his hunting and provoked him to do more hunting...! (Now dont ask me why Cheetahs dont come)
You have never eaten any tiger or lion... yet...!
You are in love with a Lion or/and a Tiger... and all their relatives come to threaten u not to... whatever...

Fundoo kaNo... ever better...! Ultimate...

11:01 PM  
Blogger Me&TheUniverse said...

Me thot me told u not to remember Jane.. :-/////// ...

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kya bolna, It is hard to know what dreams are. I know it is how mind reaches a steady state after the rock nd roll of a day.
My feelings-
a.You might be afraid of being alone in a jungle or no mans land.
b.There may be a poster or somewhere in your home which has lion or tiger/lion in it.
c. Start a cartoon episode-Guaranteed superhit.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Me&TheUniverse said...

im the tigress at home .. no need of poster and all... but yeah .. the cartoon idea is good .. :-))

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When Darkness Comes" is the writer’s perspective about her dreams and their interpretations.

At the outset, the author makes dangling reference to a "horror story" which sort of confuses the reader as to what the intent might be. The author also fails to set the basic premise of the article clearly. It is evident that the author has not spent enough time to determine the reasons behind the re-appearance of only a couple of animals (lions and tigers) as the prime subject in the dreams. Instead the author unconvincingly tries to make the readers believe that the lions and tigers in the dreams are mere coincidence and that she is not Jane re-incarnated.

On a positive side, the author is unabashed when she accepts the fact that her classification of nightmares is actually the object of ridicule among her friends. That is commendable.

The first account of the dreams starts out on a promising note but turns out to be more of a caricature. A lion ringing a doorbell? Although the subject of dreams can defy logic, this account takes the cake for the most logic defying subject for dreams. Was this the immaturity in the author that allowed such freedom in the dreams? However since the author makes it clear that this was one of the dreams when she was in primary school, one can cut some slack in her favor though. The author acceptance of the lion as a suave personality though leaves the readers questioning about her judgment. One was expecting a more matured analysis from the author when she is no longer in the primary school (or is she?) The author ingeniously plugs all the loopholes in the article though. Although at several points the reader can question as to how that was possible, the author takes a firm stand in not allowing the readers in going further. (References such as “Now don't ask me how I saw the lion that was outside the door when I was supposed to be petrified inside the house. I just did.”). And just when the gray cells tend to warm up, the author concludes the first account without any thoughts. Disappointing is an understatement for the first dream.

The second account is a spin off from the first. Also it is more polished account of what can actually constitute a dream. The author’s statement that she pitied the poor tiger, cuddled it like a kitten but still ending up throwing it out like a piece of trash, has sadistic undertones. Or a desire of the author to showcase her complete bravado, albeit in her dreams.

The third account re-emphasizes the author’s self-belief that she is all powerful and courageous. Her account of the old lady who might have been a spirit and about her composed reaction to that realization is a step in this direction. Moving forward, the last dream is the most detailed one. Also it throws light on the inherent trait that the author is in search of. The insecurity about some impending danger (given out in the form of references to the danger on Tuesdays) and the fact that the tigers would come back (the imminent danger) are a reflection of the author’s nagging thoughts.

To conclude, (since the author is waiting and braying), it is more of a confused but commendable attempt at interpretation.

And the grammar and spell check need to be improved (what’s priveledge?? )

7:28 AM  
Blogger Me&TheUniverse said...

Noooow..... I cannot make my dreams take a different turn in real time based on the logic of my dreams .. :-)) .. that is something waaay beyond my control ..

But .. wondering about the review comments I would have got.. thank god I hadn't written about my "good dreams" as yet.. ;-) ..

However, this is one of the good comments i've gotten so far. This will goad me to write better .. thanks .. :-)

4:36 AM  
Anonymous tiME-traVEller said...


Did u have a toy/stuffed toy of a lion/tiger/dog etc during your childhood that had a multi-purpose utility...? Of being your toy and something your grandparents/parents used to scare you off to do something?

Looks like that because, though you always saw those big cats, you never had the real scare...So, U knew unconsciously that they are harmless...Also, it appearing as a cartoon indicates the same thing. Again, I see u seeing "cubs" more...even that indicates it was more of a pet and less of a wild-animal and the fact that you always win/outsmart them, you have an unconscious understanding of that fact - All these points to some toy :-)

Wat say you&theUniverse?

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

U r very very brave.. and your nightmares are as creative as your paintings :) .... Your nightmares seem to show that you have become less scared of the animals (perhaps everything) as you grew older. I guess eventuallly you wont be scared of anything... and then you will have only dreams not nightmares.


11:00 PM  
Blogger Me&TheUniverse said...

Thanks . :) .. I hope so too .. Also I wish I could get to know the identity of the writer of the last comment.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Ashwin Bryan Pinto said...

The cage scene was really funny……reminded me of my previous EHS (Env, Health and Safety) training. It talked about the concept of arresting the hazard before the hazard approaches you. If the hazard is not manageable arrest yourself from the hazard. One hell of a déjà vu, isn’t it? :P

Co-incidentally my Mom keeps dreaming about tigers…………she’ll make sure that out tea-time is filled with incredible tiger stories!!

Now you’re one more to the list :))

1:50 AM  

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