Saturday, August 19, 2006


A FRIEND is a tissue when you can't stop crying
A FRIEND is a shoulder when you feel like dying
A FRIEND always listens when you have something to say
A FRIEND is a week when you just need a day
A FRIEND is a crutch when you have a broken heart
A FRIEND is some glue when everything falls apart
A FRIEND is a sun when the rain just won't stop
A FRIEND is your mom when you run into a cop
A FRIEND is a phone call when you can't leave your home
A FRIEND is a hand when you feel all alone
A FRIEND is a wing if you want to fly
A FRIEND understands without knowing why
A FRIEND is an ear for a secret to tell
A FRIEND is an aspirin when your head hurts like hell
A FRIEND is a love that can never let go

These lines were not framed by me.. but.. anyone could relate to these lines.
And this one goes out to allll my friends..

I could be an angel ( I hope) or a demon (most of the time ) and I wud still have them sticking around ..

You may not have met up for years.. but once you meet up.. it wud be like you are in one of calvin's time machines .. taken back to the old days where there was lots of talks , giggles , bulling, teasing .. you didnt have to think of something to talk about .. topics just came up .. most of the time we end up speaking utter rubbish.. but still .. those were the best conversations I can remember ..

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hmmm .. Let Me see ..

What do I want to write.. what can I get out from inside me ..

Maybe I can tell you the how I named my url .. no .. not the name of the blog.. I wanted it to be Inside Oute .. from the time I wanted to create a blog...

But the url ... I wanted it to be "Me&TheUniverse" .. very optimistically I checked the availability .. :-( .. taken ..

Anyway.. that was not the last name in the Universe .. so .. "Me_theRam" .. yeah ... I know .. didnt sound as good .. but.. come on .. not that bad too .. so checked that .. but .. :-((( ..

This was it .. why cant I have a name I wanted.. anyway "MyFinalAttempt" went next ... but ..

Gosh .. can u believe it.. lot of irratated people around...

Anyway.. im happy about my url matches my Blog name .. :-) ..

So what was I telling u ... hmmm... yeah.. what can I get out from inside ..
Let me think .. soo many thoughts inside .. dont know what to tell u now..
I'll get it out slowly .. over the days .. months... or years